About us


NATHEALTH Events & Series are initiatives of the Federation to collaborate with sectoral players and highlight, strategize on key focus areas of the healthcare industry. The events are a platform for all stakeholders in healthcare, to gather on a single platform and have a unified voice.

NATHEALTH, through various events since its inception, and not through webinars too, has helped in bringing about various favourable changes in the way the sector functions. In addition, NATHEALTH events have helped the Federation and the industry, to establish a smooth working relation with the Government as well.

About NATHEALTH Leadership Reach Out Series

This is a novel initiative that involves video sessions where Healthcare Leaders, Wellness Experts & Mental Health Experts provide the required support, relevant information and advice to make the lives of Frontline Champions a little easier, while they continue tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.

This series invites experts from diverse sectors of the healthcare & other ecosystems to answer pertinent questions posed by Frontline Workers, in order to provide counselling, advice and support to those involved in the fight against Covid-19. Each session of the Series aims to provide authentic and practical information to help healthcare warriors. This Series is a novel program to allow for the percolation of vital information right to the base of the pyramid of our healthcare system.

Apart from steering discussions aimed at helping Healthcare Warriors tackle stress and maintain a healthy balance in their lives; the series also addresses complex issues such as the future of healthcare infrastructure, emergent concerns around Covid-19 and centrality of Public Private Partnership in India.

NATHEALTH has spearheaded the genesis of the Leadership Reach Out Series in recognition of the current disparities that exist in the healthcare system, where a sophisticated medical ecosystem is juxtaposed with inadequate infrastructure and insufficiency of meaningful discourse. NATHEALTH is a forum that seeks to facilitate a shift in the mindsets and healthcare delivery in order to fulfil the mission of building a healthier tomorrow. The federation believes in an integrative and collaborative approach to help create a 21st Century modern Indian healthcare system.

What do NATHEALTH Events & Series achieve?

  • Unified representation of the industry
  • Highlighting key issues of the sector
  • Communication with the Government
  • Enabling inter-sectoral opinions & dialogues
  • Planning sector-friendly future strategies