Whitepaper Launch: Catalyzing and Reforming Senior Care in India

Whitepaper Launch: Catalyzing and Reforming Senior Care in India

About the Event

India currently enjoys a young population demographic. This demographic dividend is expected to peak by 2041, when India begins its transition into an aging society. By 2050, the aging population (60+ yrs.) will grow to ~19% of the total population, ~330 million individuals.

The ‘Whitepaper on Catalyzing Reforms in Senior Care’ seeks to address the critical issues and re-emphasize the fact that this is the time to engage, collaborate and deliberate. This paper is unique in many ways, as it brings together four leading and renowned industry bodies together, NATHEALTH, MTAI, ASLI, FICCI, highlighting eight core perspectives to deliver varied thoughts and recommendations. About 20+ country best practices have been evaluated at length, and then contextualized in relevance to India with contribution from more than 500 years of cumulative knowledge and collective expertise around eldercare, spread between 63 stakeholders.

And finally, it is one-of-a-kind of a paper with 6 study dimensions leading to 12 sharp action-centered recommendations. There have been insights and contributions from multilateral funding agencies, elder care providers, insurers, senior living players, academicians, diagnostic players and MedTech players.

Date: 17th January 2022

Time: 03.00 pm – 04.30 pm