Jan 28, 2022 / by Jayata Sharma / No Comments

How can citizens use and benefit from the ABDM ecosystem?

Session Speaker

Dr. Ajay Bakshi, Neurosurgeon, Tech Entrepreneur, Digital Public Goods

Collaborating Associations:

AHPI, ASSOCHAM, AHEI, AMC, AoH, APACMED, FICCI, ICC, IMA, PHD Chamber of Commerce, ANEI, Federation of Healthcare Association- Karnataka, MTaI, PHANA.

The session covered the following important aspects of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission:

  • Benefits of ABDM for Indian citizens
  • How can Indians utilize ABDM to avail healthcare services?
  • Ways to use ABDM-related healthcare services easily
  • How can hospitals help patients/citizens while healthcare delivery
  • Understanding the link between ABDM & health insurance